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Meet Mike


Building Inspections LLC is operated by a team of highly credentialed home inspectors who strongly advocate for every client, taking great care to meet your needs from beginning to end. We employ a full-time staff to help you get a home inspection scheduled fast, coordinating services between you, the real estate agent, and the seller of the home so that you’re able to avoid unnecessary stress. Best of all, once you’re our client, you’ll always be our client—because our team will stick by your side for as long as you require their assistance, providing the extra attention you may need in order to invest successfully.


Mike is the senior inspector and has been inspecting home for over 28 years. He has conducted well over 10,000 home inspections. In addition to being licensed in both Kentucky and Ohio, he holds advanced certifications in multiple areas:

In addition to inspecting, Mike Hesterberg also teaches the National Home Inspector exam prep course for a regional college and continuing education courses at professional conferences. He is the Past President of the Kentucky Real Estate Inspectors Association (KREIA) as well as the current President of the Ohio Real Estate Inspectors Association (ORIEA)