About Us

Building Inspections LLC

Building Inspections LLC is operated by a team of highly credentialed home inspectors who strongly advocate for every client, taking great care to meet your needs from beginning to end. We employ a full-time staff to help you get a home inspection scheduled fast, coordinating services between you, the real estate agent, and the seller of the home so that you’re able to avoid unnecessary stress. Best of all, once you’re our client, you’ll always be our client—because our team will stick by your side for as long as you require their assistance, providing the extra attention you may need in order to invest successfully.

  • Every client is able to attend their home inspection, making it so that our inspectors are available to answer any questions and to walk you through inspection findings that may benefit from being seen in person
  • It can make a home buyer nervous when there are findings from a home inspection that could still use a little more clarification in order to be fully understood—and that’s why our phone lines are always open, allowing our staff to answer your questions for as long as you need
  • We mean it when we say we work for you, and for you only—there are no third-party interests that stand in the way of our commitment to helping you secure a successful real estate transaction
Michael Hesterberg

Michael Hesterberg

Michael Hesterberg is the principal owner and inspector of Building Inspections LLC. Helping people triumph over their challenges is something Michael has always thoroughly enjoyed, proving to be a major motivating factor in starting his career as a home inspector—a career he has now led for over 26 years, performing approximately 10,000 inspections during that time.

Before becoming an inspector, Michael worked in the construction industry, owning and operating his own remodeling company while also staying involved in various new construction projects. Michael is a proud military veteran who served as a Naval officer in the Seventh Fleet and as an Army combat engineer.

  • Licensed Ohio Home Inspector
  • Licensed KY Home Inspector
  • ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI)
  • Certified Mold Inspector & Assessor (CMIA)
  • Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT)
  • Certified Electrical Thermologist-KTI (Kentucky Thermal Institute)
  • Level II Thermographer (Infrared Training Center – ITC)
  • Third Party EIFS Inspector (Exterior Design Institute – EDI) OH-31 
  • Past President Kentucky Real Estate Association (KREIA)

When he’s not inspecting homes, Michael loves to play games, read, and watch classic films. Michael is also a skilled drummer, having released a contemporary Christian album in 2001.

Dave Baumann

Dave Baumann

Dave Bauman is an experienced and dedicated home inspector who we are grateful to have on our team. Dave has comprehensively evaluated homes for numerous home buyers, sellers, and real estate agencies throughout Ohio and Kentucky—and he has also performed additional inspection services for which he is certified, including Radon Testing and WDI Inspections.

Dave has alway been a service-oriented individual, simply because he loves helping others however he can. From volunteering as a firefighter and EMT, to serving on the Pastor’s Council at his local church, Dave is always using his time to protect and improve lives in his local community.

  • ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI)
  • Completed AHIT Complete Home Inspection Master Course (#AHIT-107)
  • Completed National Home Inspector Examination
  • Licensed Ohio & Kentucky Radon Tester
  • Licensed Ohio WDI Inspector
  • 21 years working for a major company in production, maintenance, safety, and emergency response
  • Former Health, Safety, & Environmental Engineer

In his free time, you’ll often find Dave volunteering for good causes. One of Dave’s favorite volunteer initiatives was when he served as a Royal Ranger Sr Commander, teaching young men how fulfilling it can be to give back to their communities and families.

Kevin Hesterberg

Kevin Hesterberg

Kevin Hesterberg is Michael Hesterberg’s son and a skilled inspector in his own right. Kevin specializes in infrared thermography and aerial drone photography, two cutting-edge technologies that have proven invaluable to our team’s ability to provide clients with a more detailed and accurate property inspection.

Kevin is a veteran of the United States Air Force, where he pursued a childhood passion for aviation by enlisting as a Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Kevin has performed hundreds of infrared and drone assessments for both commercial and residential properties—and after taking notice of his knowledge, the Kentucky Thermal Institute brought Kevin on as the head of their maintenance and repair program.

  • Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT)
  • Level I Thermographer
  • FAA Part 107 License (for piloting drones)
  • Level I Unmanned Aerial Systems Infrared Certification

Kevin loves to work with his hands, and it probably comes as no surprise that one of his favorite hobbies is building and maintaining drones. Kevin also loves photography and studying in fields such as Private Investigation & Security and Business Management.